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website starter kit offer

Welcome to the Awareness Digital Marketing Services and our introductory website starter kit service.  There are many that want to start a home business and build a website but there are pitfalls out there for those that start out lacking the skills to ensure they go down the right path which often causes them pain, wasted time and money.  Some don’t recover and the entrepreneurship dream dies right there. 
If you make the wrong decisions starting out, you could end up in any or all of the following situations:

  • Your new website because you made the wrong “template” solution decision
    won’t meet current search engine quality requirements such as speed of
    loading, mobile usability, use of outdated and disapproved coding methods,
    new “pop-up message” rules restrictions, lack of compliancy to industry
    standards, etc.
  • You choose the wrong web-hosting partner for the site you want to build or
    you purchase the wrong hosting package for your situation and end up paying
    too much or too little.
  • You find you must purchase add-on packages to get your site “mobile-friendly”
    and the packages you do choose still won’t help you hit the new “Speed of
    loading” requirements for mobile being imposed by search engine providers
    such as Google and Bing/Yahoo. 
  • You build your site and web pages incorrectly and search engines won’t include you in their searches and,
  • You may find your site difficult to maintain or update changes to.

This offer has been built specifically with the new home entrepreneur in mind and we have created many lectures to help those wanting to stretch themselves by starting new online business ventures.  In this regard, we are making this special offer of a “Website Starter Kit” to help you get off to a good start in your new business venture.  Please be aware that we only accept a limited amount of clients that we directly assist through this offer each year. 
Following are the components to this offer.  Choose the services below that you wish us to provide:

Service Name

Description of Service Provided

Price (CAD)

Basic 3 Page Website

We will create a basic - custom 3-page website for your business niche consisting of a Home/Sales Page, an About You page and a Contact page.  This will be a fast-loading, fully responsive (mobile compatible) and Google 2017 acceptable design site.  Pages will contain your provided text, some images and some “Anchor/Text” hyperlinks. 


Domain Setup and Website Setup: Add-on to the above 3 page site.

We will provide you with a turnkey, setup and fully operational website using a web-hoster we trust and use.  (Note:  We are an affiliate of theirs so we will make a small side-sum in commission from them.). Your Contact page will also be upgraded to a fully functioning -user entry capable form with a selectable drop-down list that will send you an e-mail whenever a form is filled out and submitted.


Additional Web-Pages

We will build additional pages for you at $50 per page if desired.


Sitemap.xml File and Web-Page Indexing

We will create a sitemap.xml file for your site and submit it along with the web-pages we create on your behalf to the Google and Bing/Yahoo search engines.  Note:  Your site has no chance of being found organically at all through these search engines if this work is not done as a first step.


Affiliate Marketing Add-on

We will include in these pages some quality 3rd party vendor adds of my choosing (unless you have some available) that will allow you to earn revenue from these pages.  Once you own and operate your site, you can change advertisers yourself as you desire.


Consulting Time Packages

If you wish to contract us for ongoing web development or other related business services, you may purchase in advance, 10-hour time packages at a special rate to you of $50.00 per hour.  Time does not have to be used up all at once.  we will invoice you through our PayPal account for any consulting packages ordered.


Choose at a minimum either the basic “Website Starter Kit” or a 10-hour “Consulting Time Package”, and we will provide you with free access to our online training course titled “Build a Successful Online Business – A Comprehensive Guide”.  This is an in-depth training course that we sell on my Howtoguru Training Site at $295.00 USD!  View the course in overview by clicking it's title above.

Our goal through this offer is to help people who are really serious about building an extra income from home get started down the right path online.  The course we offer you in addition to our provided services will provide you with an excellent start on your journey.  So if this is something you want to do, be sure to act quickly because we will shut down this offer once we reach a certain level of clients accepting this offer this year.

To contact us about this offer, our e-mail address is and our phone number is 306-807-8402.

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Last Updated - July 2, 2017


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