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professional consulting services offer

Welcome to the Awareness Digital Marketing Services and our professional consulting services offer. 

Following are the components to this offer.  Choose the services below that you wish us to provide:

Service Name

Description of Service Provided

Price (CAD)

Consulting Time Packages

If you wish to contract us for ongoing professional consulting or other related business services, you may purchase in advance, 10-hour time packages at a special rate to you of $50.00 per hour.  Time does not have to be used up all at once.  We can invoice you through our PayPal account for any consulting packages ordered.


Choose at a minimum a 10-hour “Consulting Time Package”, and we will provide you with free access to the "Howtoguru Training Center" online training course titled “Build a Successful Online Business – A Comprehensive Guide”.  This is an in-depth training course that we sell on the Howtoguru Training Site at $295.00 USD!  View the course in overview by clicking it's title above.

Our goal through this offer is to help businesses grow and improve services. The course we offer you in addition to our provided services will provide the viewer with bonus, useful information.  So if this is something you want to do, be sure to check it out.

To contact us about this offer, our e-mail address is and our phone number is 306-807-4802.

Last Updated - July 1, 2017


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